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Eta Sigma Phi Update

At the 2018 Eta Sigma Phi initiation and awards banquet, our beta delta chapter welcomed a group outstanding both for their quality and their numbers. The 17 new initiates were: Miranda Nicole Clark, Sydney C. Deberry, Caitlynn D. Fine, Alona Hunter, Aimée Lafon, Hannah N. Lynn, Aiyana J. March, Caleb Morgan, Bridget Murphy, Emily Noyes, Meera Patel, Laura Elaine Sisk, Lee Ellen Stanley, Jacob Matthew Steepleton, Rachel Annarose Summers, Heather Sutton Dalton, Elizabeth Rose Vetter, and (Lauren) Alexis Whitley. Taylor Coughlan, lecturer of classics, delivered “Words Matter,” a learned and frankly funny keynote speech on his own adventure with classics and the inescapable appeal of intertextuality. Professor Chris Craig coordinated the event since our regular Eta Sigma Phi sponsor, Professor Justin Arft, was on leave. Professor Craig was profoundly grateful that Professor Arft volunteered to serve as Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Under his guidance, the evening struck a genial balance of dignity and warmth. Alanna Heatherly and Riley Miller were enthusiastically and unanimously re-elected to the leadership of the beta delta chapter for the coming academic year. They took key roles in the initiation, as did Professor Arft, Martin Ward, and alumnae Sarah Parsly, and Leigh Anne Cutshaw. The entire evening would of course have been impossible without the smooth orchestration of departmental secretary Kathryn Weaver.

Eta Sigma Phi studentsSeveral students were recognized for their outstanding academic work during the 2017-18 academic year and awarded scholarships for the upcoming 2018-19 year. Justin Blair, set to graduate in December 2018, received the Senior Latin Prize and a full-tuition Moser Scholarship for his final semester. Alanna Heatherly received a full-tuition Haines-Morris scholarship for the 2018 academic year, and Riley Miller received the Senior Greek Prize while still a junior. He and Latinist/historian/medievalist Martin Ward were also recognized with Haines-Morris Awards.

Students were also recognized for their work abroad through awards from by the new Athena Travel Fund, the new Susan D. Martin Fund, a generous legacy from George Gee, and from the Haines-Morris Traveling Scholarship. Alanna Heatherly was the first recipient of the Athena Travel Fund scholarship. Riley Miller was our inaugural scholarship recipient from the Susan D. Martin Fund, and Bridget Murphy received the George Gee Scholarship. Haines-Morris Traveling Scholarships were awarded to Kyle Legant, Sarah Stapleton, and Martin Ward.

We also recognized our outstanding graduate for the May 2018 commencement, Keneisha Mosley. We were very glad to note that Justin Blair and Meera Patel had been recognized for Extraordinary Academic Achievement at the Chancellor’s Honors Banquet.

Among other awards and accolades, we celebrated several of our members who represented UT in the national Watkins Translation Exams in Advanced and Intermediate Greek and Latin Prose Composition, as well as in the National College Greek Exam. Several did especially well: Riley Miller received a bronze medal for his performance on the advanced exam on Greek Tragedy, while Alanna Heatherly took bronze for her performance in Greek at the intermediate level. On the Roman side, Justin Blair received a Certificate of Commendation for his performance on the CAMWS Advanced Latin Translation Exam.

Finally, Emily Noyes, our most recent graduate inductee, was recognized for an excellent defense of her MA thesis, directed by Stephen Collins-Elliott.

The faculty in the Department of Classics heartily congratulate the students who were recognized for their devotion to the study of classics and their hard work. We are very proud of their success.

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