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UT Latin Day XXXVI

Latin DayThe 36th annual UT Latin Day, our most important annual recruiting event, brought several hundred high school and middle school Latinists to campus October 5, 2017, for another day of fun, fellowship, and learning about the classical world. Lynn Rogers, our master of Roman realia who has given his magnificent collection to UT, again wowed our young Latinists with his hands-on demonstrations. In fact, all speakers were well received, as was the campus tour, and even the Roman Lunch (largely comprised of pizza and Coke products.) The after-lunch door prizes again included genuine Roman coins that Lynn Rogers very generously provided. To judge from the evaluations, our high school Latin teaching colleagues were glad to bring their young charges for another day of Latin fun, and their young Latinists were very glad for a dose of the classical world in Big Orange Country. A roaring good time was had by all!

The Latin Day would not work without our cadre of volunteer speakers. In this case, all gave up one day of our fall break to share their talent and enthusiasm with the next generation. Their spirit, answered by the spirit of our Tennessee high school Latin teachers, continues to make this a great event. Our honor role of speakers for the 36th Latin Day is:

  • Dr. Justin Arft (PhD Missouri), Assistant Professor of Classics, "Not Cool, Man: Why the Romans Really Didn't Like Odysseus."
  • Dr. Stephen Collins-Elliott (PhD, Florida State), Assistant Professor of Classics, "Where the World Ends? Roman Geography and the City of Volubilis."
  • Dr. Christopher Craig (PhD, North Carolina), Professor of Classics, “Criminal Justice, Roman Style.”
  • Dr. John L. Friend (PhD, Texas), Assistant Professor of Classics, “Thrills and Spills: Chariot Racing in Rome.”
  • Dr. Theodora Kopestonsky (PhD, Buffalo), Senior Lecturer in Classics, "Pop Music & Latin Poetry: Re-imagining Ancient Verse."
  • Dr. Jacob Latham (PhD, UCSB), Associate Professor of History, “Rome on Parade: Pompae circensis, triumphalis, and funebris.”
  • Mr. Lynn Rogers, master of Roman Realia: 1) “Roman military equipment.” (This is a hands-on talk using items from his extensive collection.) 2) “Where Does It Hurt? An Appointment with a Roman Medicus.”
  • Dr. Thomas Rose (PhD Iowa), Lecturer in Classics, “The Punic Ship at Marsala and the Beginning of the Roman Navy.”
  • Dr. Robert J. Sklenar (PhD, Michigan), Associate Professor of Classics, “Ancient Greek Music in Performance.”
  • Dr. Aleydis Van de Moortel (PhD Bryn Mawr), Professor and Head of Classics and Lindsay Young Professor of Humanities, "Think Before You Call Someone a Philistine. Who Were the Philistines?”
  • Dr. Jessica Westerhold (PhD, Toronto), Lecturer in Classics, “Crus frange! (Break a leg!): Rome’s “’Broadway,’” audiences, actors, and playwrights.”

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