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Retired Faculty

David W. Tandy
Professor Emeritus
50 Chippendale Rise
Otley LS21 2BJ
United Kingdom

Phone: (44) 1943 465 960

  • Ph.D. (Classical Philology), Yale University, 1979
  • B.A. (Greek), Yale College, 1972 


  • Co-author, A Brief History of Ancient Greece: Politics, Society and Culture, 3d ed (OUP 2013)(with S. Pomeroy, S. Burstein, J.T. Roberts)
  • Co-author, Ancient Greece: A Political Social and Cultural History, 3d ed (OUP 2012)(with S. Pomeroy, S. Burstein, J.T. Roberts)
  • Editor, Prehistory and History: Ethnicity, Class and Political Economy (Black Rose 2001)
  • Warriors into Traders (California 1997)
  • Co-author, Hesiod's Works and Days: A Translation and Commentary for the Social Sciences (California 1996)(with W.C. Neale)
  • Co-editor, From Political Economy to Anthropology: Situating Economic Life in Past Societies (Black Rose 1994)(with C.A.M. Duncan)

Recent publications:

  • "Archaic and Classical Greek Koine", for T. Howe, ed., Traders in the Ancient Mediterranean (Association of Ancient Historians 2015)
  • "Production, Trade, and Consumption in Greek Democracy", in D. Hammer, ed., A Companion to Greek Democracy and the Roman Republic (Wiley-Blackwell 2015): 349-367.
  • "Skopas of Paros and the Fourth Century BC", in D. Katsonopoulou and A. Stewart, eds., Skopas of Paros, 65-75 (Paros and Cyclades Institute of Archaeology 2013)
  • "Taxes, Taxes, Taxes" (CAMWS Presidential Address 2011), Classical Journal 107 (2012): 365-372
  • "Agriculture", "Economy", and "Livestock", in M. Finkelberg, ed., The Homer Encyclopedia (Wiley-Blackwell 2011)

Other articles and chapters on the economies and economic histories of the Near East and Greece; on Homer, Hesiod, lyric poets, Lysias, the Georgics, and Beowulf. 

Current projects:

  • The social world of the poems, for A. Loney and S. Scully, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Hesiod (OUP)
  • τίνες Παρίων; were archaic Parian ventures abroad corporate or private?, for Paros and its Colonies, Paros, Greece, June 2015
  • Sappho's Brothers: Economic and Political Development in the Archaic Aegean to 585 BCE

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